Max Hit points 180,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 170,000
Cost 30,000 U.
Speed 380
Lasers 10
Generators 10
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 2
Cargo 1000
With Cargo Expander 2000
Cargo as Premium Member 1500
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 3000
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
The best Star Hunter: There's (almost) nothing for you to be afraid of with this ship! General purpose ship with a great price to boot. Many different roles can be filled with this ship.

The Vengeance is an elite ship which is widely known for its speed, while maintaining almost the same aspects as a Goliath ship. It is less powerful than the Goliath. The Vengeance has 10 generator slots, but its high base speed (380) allows it to still surpass the Goliath in speed.


The Vengeance is a fast ship that can outrun any enemies or most players. Moreover, Spearhead can be declassified as the fastest ship with Pusat design for a Vengeance with its additional 2 generator slots, so the base speed of a Vengeance can be brought up to 500. This is also a good ship to obtain if you are a beginner since it is fast so you don't need worry about speed plus it offers more slots and slightly better than the Leonov even if compared with a Leonov at its home maps. It also offers a decent amount of generator slots and laser slots with two extra slots.


Nothing other than being weaker than the Goliath and having less generators and extra slots and being slower at leveling Drones up compared to lower level ships. If you want to level your drones up faster, get a Leonov since both ship stats are similar at home maps.

Designs for VengeanceEdit

There are six designs for the Vengeance:

These can be bought in the Shop for 100,000 Uridium or can be bided in Auction.

The only skill design is called Lightning, which can be bought in the Shop for 250,000 Uridium or found in one of the Booty Boxes, and it comes with a special ability.You can also bid in the auction under the weekly tab for different prices for each server but can go as high as 800mil.

- The ability is called "Afterburner" and boosts your ship's speed by 30% for 5 seconds. This makes the Vengeance reach a speed of 748.8 (with Promerium), which is the fastest achievable speed in the game. (Has a 5 min cool down)

The final design is called Pusat. It has 16 lasers and 12 generator slots, but actually has lower HP (125,000) than the original vengeance (180,000). So it is a bit more powerful than a goliath in terms of damage but weaker than a vengeance, and the fastest ship design. It can be bought in the Shop for 250,000 Uridium.


  • Even though the Vengeance has more firepower and is overall better than the BigBoy, the BigBoy is worth twice as much Honor and experience.

Updated SpeedEdit

On Thursday 4 October 2012, Darkorbit changed the speed to 380.

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