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The test server will be closing in a few hours.

The following changes will be made for when the various features / updates go live. The Halloween event and the Gear Progression update will not go live at the same time.

Gear Progression:

  • The enhanced LF-4 will be buffed to be considered the same 'tier' as Prometheus lasers.
  • All ships will receive an addition 100,000 HP to their current base HP values.

Berserker Ship:

  • Base speed increased to 290.
  • While using the Revenge ability, the Berserker will receive a -5% speed debuff.
  • Shield Link is no longer able to be used on NPC.

Vortex of Terror

  • Indoctrine Oil given in rare box reward increased from 30 to 90.

We'll leave this room visible for a few days so the changes based on feedback can be seen etc.


Other News:[]

  • Issues with DO wikipedia page has been opened, please go and comment and edit your thoughts.