The Yamato and Defcom series of ships were no match for the icy boulders and have been buried in the ship graveyard.


Ship Yamato

Max Hit points 160,000 HP
Max Nano Hull 150,000
Cost 16,000 Cr. (Payment in Edition 15)
Speed 340 (260 in Edition 15)
Lasers 2 (8 in Edition 15)
Generators 2 (12 in Edition 15)
Batteries Unlimited
Rockets Unlimited
Extra 1 (2 in Edition 15)
Cargo 1000
With Cargo Expander 2000
Cargo as Premium Member 1500
Cargo as Premium Member with Cargo Expander 3000
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Deceased ship (Back in Edition 15 for payment) // Ship Skill: Travel Mode. Travel 450 units for 5s, Cool down: 45s // NOTE: Original HP was: 8,000 Original Cargo was: 200
The Yamato was a beginner's Starjet ship. It was one step up from the Phoenix. Consider it a slightly more powerful Phoenix with two laser slots instead of one, and a larger cargo bay. Most players considered purchasing a BigBoy instead of this ship due to major differences and advantages. It was at the time worth the credits saving up for a BigBoy instead of purchasing a Yamato.

Obtaining the YamatoEdit

The Yamato cost 16,000 credits, but is no longer available to purchase as of the 2012 Iceberg Invasion event. Players who bought it before the event will keep it until it is destroyed and replaced with another ship.

It is now gone along with the Defcom.

However, in the August of 2015, Yamato and Defcom were available for purchase with boosted stats, as well as a bonus skill ( Yamato -Travel, Defcom -Ultimate Cloaking ). Their price is Uridium each  (This was a bug, removed after a short while; Unless you must pay 100,000$ in Mega Happy Hour for that!), but they are also obtainable through payment . The boost its stats experienced is: 152.000 extra hitpoints, 6 extra laser slots, 10 extra generator slots, 1 extra slot more and 800 cargo extra, but also 80 speed less. It's still less powerful than a BigBoy , and it's also very expensive for its stats, making it more of a collector item than a combat ship.Edit
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  • If you own a Yamato you are an easy target to your own company's company killers (see Company Killing).
  • Fighting enemies with this ship was not the best option.
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    Old Yamato